Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Key Attributes of a Successful Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

oakland county criminal defense attorney Attorneys defend individuals facing a wide range of criminal charges including assault, drug possession, burglary and theft. Although the public may see defendants with great disdain, defense attorneys embrace a proactive attitude to protect their clients’ image and best interest, and reinforce their right to a fair trial.

What Should One Expect from a Good Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney?
A good criminal defense attorney will always count on a broad set of skills and attributes allowing him or her to meet the legal needs of their clients in a prompt, professional manner. Here are seven of the most important attributes of an attorney specialized in criminal law.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 1. Excellent Research Capabilities. First and foremost, a great attorney has the time, energy, experience and motivation required to conduct in-depth research. These professionals think outside of the box, and spare no efforts when it comes to going through police reports, highlighting essentials facts and finding and interviewing new witnesses and experts who could help them build a more compelling case and reach a favorable outcome.

2. Above Average Negotiation Skills. As one may imagine, defense attorneys are excellent negotiators who are constantly exploring new avenues and implementing strategies to get the best deal for their clients. Prosecutors and the defense can negotiate agreements and present them in front of the judge for approval.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 3. Great Analytical Skills. Defense attorneys are active thinkers by nature. They love challenges, and can make smart decisions over a short period of time after compiling impressive amounts of data and assessing different potential outcomes. Defense lawyers have sharp minds and can make rapid judgments in some of the most important moments of a trial, like when challenging a prosecutor, interviewing a witness, supporting his or her arguments in front of the jury, or negotiating settlements.

4. Exceptional Communication Skills. Aside from being rational, objective, analytical and empathetic by definition, defense attorneys are also very effective communicators. They communicate their ideas with ease, and do a great job at supporting their points of view in front of large audiences. As excellent speakers, they use their communication skills inside and outside the courtroom to perfect relationships with different categories of people, including fellow attorneys, clients, members of the jury and industry experts called to testify in favor of their clients.

5. A Caring, Supportive Attitude towards the Client. Most importantly, in spite of the fact that they always manage to stay objective and prevent complications associated with emotional involvement in the cases that they are handling, defense lawyers are compassionate and caring. They care about the clients that they represent, their families and their future. They are fully aware that a guilty verdict, even one that does not involve any jail time, can pose a series of negative consequences affecting their clients’ general wellbeing, image, employment opportunities and overall financial balance.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 6. Knowledge. Also, defense attorneys are knowledgeable and use all their resources to help their clients understand the sentencing procedure and the court system. Experienced lawyers rely on their ample knowledge database to establish more fruitful relationships with prosecutors, judges presiding over their criminal cases, and prominent industry experts who could become key witnesses in a case.

7. Perseverance. Last but not least, perseverance is another crucial attribute of a successful Oakland County criminal defense attorney. Perseverant lawyers do everything in their power to sway the jury and the judge, and explore any legal option to defend their clients. After being confronted with a guilty verdict, a determined lawyer will exhaust all appeals and make certain that his or her client benefits from a fair trial and quality legal representation.

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