Thursday, November 20, 2014

When an arrest requires a strong defense

The Oakland County prosecuting attorney handles a wide range of criminal offenses and in many cases, charges may be added on to ensure a conviction. Some of the common reasons why someone may be facing charges and need a criminal defense attorney include:

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• Harassment and stalking - during or after a divorce, particularly a contentious one, a spouse may claim harassment or stalking. In this case, the spouse who is charged with this crime will need a strong defense. The Oakland County prosecuting attorney will typically pursue these charges aggressively and the penalties can be severe. It is imperative to have a good defense attorney in all of these cases.

• White collar crimes - in this day and age, it is possible to defraud someone over the Internet, through the mail or even in person. There are cases where an investigation into a possible white collar crime can be detrimental to a person's family life, financial life and their career. If the Oakland County prosecuting attorney is investigating someone because they suspect a crime, the person under investigation often needs the services of a criminal defense attorney to protect their reputation and their job.

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• Medical marijuana law issues - the State of Michigan has specific conditions where citizens are eligible to be in possession of marijuana. However, this often does not prevent a person from being arrested for marijuana possession. The limits established are currently two and half ounces and even being in possession of small amounts can result in charges being filed by the Oakland County prosecuting attorney. In these cases, a defense attorney can help fight against marijuana possession charges.

• Driving violations - the penalties for drunk driving in Michigan mean anyone facing these charges needs the immediate assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Keep in mind, a drunk driving charge can be enhanced by the Oakland County prosecuting attorney to "super drunk driving", may have a child endangerment charge added on or may be enhanced by driving on a suspended license. A criminal defense attorney who understands Michigan drunk driving laws can help defend against all driving violation charges.

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The Oakland County prosecuting attorney handles a variety of criminal charges and anyone who is arrested or charged with a crime needs to seek immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney. The right attorney will investigate all charges and do everything possible to defend against criminal charges.