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Criminal Law in Oakland County

oakland county criminal defense attorney Criminal law is a category of law that broadly refers to state and federal laws that make certain crimes punishable by imprisonment and fines. Criminal cases deal with violation of criminal statutes as provided for in the law in Oakland County. Each state has a penal code that outlines crimes, charges against those crimes and penalties. Criminal cases are essentially felonies and face at least a jail time of more than one year. Oakland County criminal defense attorney represent persons charged with crimes in court.

Common Criminal Charges in Oakland County and Their Penalties

Criminal charges are either treated as felonies or capital crimes. Capital crimes are punishable by death while felonies by more than a year of imprisonment. Besides imprisonment, convicts can face more penalties. These include: restitution and fines.

oakland county criminal defense attorneyNotably, criminal charges in Oakland County are not eligible for parole, probation or community service.  Convicts have to face jail time and other penalties.

Criminal charges are filed by the government against the perpetrator. The prosecution has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty and consequently convict the defendant. Once convicted, the defendant is subject to either custodial or non custodial punishment or both. Criminal charges are tried by superior court in a jury trial.

Criminal law stipulates timelines for charging a criminal suspect. It also abolished the death penalty as a punishment to any criminal charges in Oakland. A defendant may appeal a court verdict resulting to retrial of the case.

Penalties for criminal charges are served on the basis of the degree of crime as follows;
·         First degree crimes: The accused are served the direst penalties. Imprisonment for at least 10 years and up to a lifetime imprisonment. Hefty fines up to $200,000.
·         Second degree crimes:  5 – 10 years of jail time and fines up to $150,000
·         Third degree crimes: 3-5 years of imprisonment and fines up to $15,000
·         Fourth degree crimes: Up to 18 months of imprisonment and fines up to $10,000

Penalties are more severe for offenders with past criminal records.

Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

oakland county criminal defense attorneyOnce charged with a criminal offense, the accused is faced with a challenging responsibility to prove their innocence. Criminal attorneys provide legal advice to the accused. They also prepare a defense case for the accused, collecting evidence and presenting witnesses and arguing against the prosecutor to prove the innocence of the defendant. They represent defendants in the court trial and appeal for a retrial if the court sentence is unsatisfactory.

An Oakland County criminal defense attorney fully understands both the state and federal laws. They have the best chance of creating a solid defense plan for the accused that can lead to dismissal of charges or lead to less serious trials. A criminal defense attorney works hard to protect the rights of the accused.

The best defense attorneys are experienced in practicing criminal law. They are comfortable in the courtroom and articulate their arguments on the court floor effectively. An excellent defense attorney can mean the difference between hefty fines and penalties or none at all for individuals faced with criminal charges.

oakland county criminal defense attorney

Criminal convictions have long-term ramifications on the reputation of a convict. The criminal records show up on background checks, making it difficult for them to find jobs even after serving jail time. People faced with criminal charges hire criminal defense attorneys to represent them in court and offer solid legal advice.

Common Oakland County Laws

Oakland County has several laws stipulated under the Michigan State and federal laws. Oakland County lawyers help citizens in interpreting and understanding major laws and their implications if those laws are broken. They also represent persons charged with various crimes in court. Theft related crimes, marijuana related crimes and drunk driving crimes are among the most common crimes in Oakland.

oakland county lawyers

Theft Related Laws

Under this category, crimes are categorized into petty theft laws, shoplifting laws and embezzlement laws. One is considered to have committed larceny if they steal money, goods, public records or property. Theft is defined as the act of taking someone else’s property without their consent.

oakland county lawyers Theft is considered a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the stolen goods or property. Theft of goods whose value is below $200 is considered petty theft, a misdemeanor punishable by not more than $500 fines or repaying the value of the stolen goods three fold or imprisonment for up to 93 days.

Stealing goods worth more than $200 but less than $100 is a second degree misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment or up to $2000 in fines or repaying thrice the value of goods.

Theft of goods whose value exceeds $1000 (including motor vehicles, real estate property or hiking the price of goods by $1000) is considered a felony which is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and up to $10000 fines. Stealing goods worth $20000 and above attracts up to 10 years of imprisonment and hefty fines.

Marijuana Laws

oakland county lawyers Oakland allows medical consumption of marijuana. It is considered an offense to drive under the influence of marijuana whether for medical purposes or otherwise. Non medical possession or use of marijuana attracts up to $2000 fines or up to one year jail term. Possession of marijuana paraphernalia can lead up to 90 days imprisonment.

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

OWI is commonly referred to as DUI (Driving Under Influence) crimes in others states. Oakland County has zero tolerance for drunk driving for persons under the age of 21. Individuals above the age of 21 must not exceed a BAC of 0.08% and 0.04% if operating a commercial vehicle. Individuals are required to voluntarily submit to the BAC test. Refusal to take the test can cause license suspension for up to 5 years, depending on whether it is a first, second or third offense.

A first time OWI offense in Oakland is considered a misdemeanor unless it involved a deadly accident, in which case it is treated as a felony. Most OWI charges in Oakland County result to loss of driving privileges for a given time.

oakland county lawyers

If one is accused with OWI, Oakland County lawyers specializing in OWI charges can plea bargain for fewer charges. In most cases, a plea bargain is awarded for reckless driving which is a lesser charge and hence, attracts lesser penalties. To be on the safe side, one shouldn’t drink and drive.

Being charged with a crime in Oakland can significantly taint an individual’s public image. The record shows up in background checks making it hard for one to access employment or college vacancies. Oakland County lawyers work with the accused to build a strong defense case or file for offense record sealing.

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What to Ask Before Hiring an Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

oakland county criminal defense attorney
When a person needs to hire a criminal attorney, they usually need to find one promptly. However, prior to hiring one, certain questions need to be asked.

Meeting with an Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

When a person first meets with an attorney, they typically take the following items along to the meeting:

• Any documents received from the court that show the charges and next appearance date

• The bail papers

• If the person’s property was searched, they take any papers the police gave them

• A copy of the police report, if available

oakland county criminal defense attorney
Defense attorneys also find it helpful if clients provide a list of witnesses, other defendants and victims.

Many clients also take along a list of questions to ask their oakland county criminal defense attorney.

1. The Attorney’s Experience and Background

When a client first meets with the attorney, they usually find out if he or she has prior experience defending against similar charges. Questions asked include:

• Where did the attorney attend law school and when did he or she graduate?

• How long have they been practicing criminal law?

• How often do they appear in court?

• Do they regularly negotiate plea agreements?

• How often do their clients go to trial?

• How familiar are they with the charges against the client?

2. Assessment of the Case
oakland county criminal defense attorney
Whether a person is charged with a crime in a state, federal or county court, they will want their defense attorney to offer a good idea of what lies ahead. Questions asked include:

• What are the client’s legal options? Should they plead guilty, make a plea agreement or go to trial?

• What aspects of the case will work in the client’s favor?

• What potential problems could arise?

• What can the client expect at different stages of the process, including motions, disposition and trail?

3. Case Management

oakland county criminal defense attorney
This is the term attorneys use to describe how the logistics of a case are handled. It is important to understand what goes on behind the scenes in a case to avoid misunderstandings. Typical questions include:

• Is the attorney available to represent the client?

• Will anyone else be working on the case? Is the client able to meet them?

• Will the attorney be personally representing the client in court, or will the responsibility lie with someone else?

• If the client has questions, who should they contact?

• How does the attorney prefer to be contacts and how quickly do they usually respond?

4. Hiring a Criminal Attorney

After a client meets with a criminal attorney or two, they will have to select one. If they only met with one and are happy with the way the attorney operates, that makes the decision easier.
If the client is struggling to decide, they could ask themselves:

• Which attorney has the experience they need with the charges they are facing?

• Which attorney offered the advice the client found most helpful?

The answers to such questions will lead the client facing criminal charges to the best defense attorney to represent their case.

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Oakland County Lawyers Can Assist with a Personal Injury Claim

oakland county lawyers
The time immediately after a person a been injured in an accident or slip and fall can be stressful and confusing. Once they have taken care of their health, they can consider a personal injury claim for the injuries they incurred.

The First Step in Filing for a Personal Injury Claim

There are several steps that can be taken, in any order, to claim for an injury. These steps are:

• Collecting evidence that will point to the person who caused the accident and the damage that was caused as a result.

• Notating everything that happened to the injured person after the accident. This could include items such as hospital bills and lost work.

• Collecting names and contact details of witnesses that observed the accident.

Oakland County Lawyers Advise There Is a Time Limit for Filing a Lawsuit

oakland county lawyers
There is a time limit to filing a lawsuit for injury compensation. Settling a personal injury claim is time consuming and if a claim is not filed in a timely manner, the injured person may not be able to collect compensation.

The statutes of limitations note a maximum time a person has to bring particular lawsuits. Once that time period passes, the injured person may be barred from bringing a lawsuit to recover for their injuries.

Oakland county lawyers are familiar with the state’s statute of limitations and will advise if the person’s personal injury claim has a time period by which a lawsuit needs to be filed.
Personal Injury Claims Against the Government

oakland county lawyers
Unlike filing a claim against a company or individual, if someone needs to file a claim against a government employee, government agency or the government itself, there is a limited amount of time in which that claim has to be filed. Depending on the type of case and the state in which a person lives, the time period can range from 30 days to one year. If the timelines are not abided by, the person could lose their right to recover any type of compensation for their injuries or damage to property.

When to Notify a Person of a Claim

If one is planning on filing a lawsuit against an individual or other entity that is not a government agency or the government, there is no set time limit by which they have to be notified of the intention to file a suit. However, this does not mean someone should take their time with the matter. By acting timeously, the chances are increased that the claim will be resolved quicker.

oakland county lawyers
Even if one notifies people of their intention to file a lawsuit, it does not necessarily mean that they have to file the suit. By giving notice, the injured person only preserves their rights and prevents other parties from defending against the lawsuit with the argument that too much time passed.

By notifying other parties, one simply ensures that they will be able to proceed with negotiations regarding a settlement and arbitration at their own speed, without feeling pressured or rushed.

A personal injury claim can usually be settled with the right assistance.

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Hiring Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Self-Representation: Which Option Is Better?

Criminal defendants who do not wish to rely on professional legal assistance provided by an experienced attorney can decide to represent themselves in court. Their choice could be influenced by multiple factors, including a precarious financial situation or (often misguided) personal beliefs.

oakland county criminal defense attorney

Why Do Certain Defendants Go In Favor of Self-Representation?
oakland county criminal defense attorney Some defendants may be inclined to think that the crime they are charged with is not serious enough to account for the costs linked to professional legal representation. In some cases, defendants may decide to plead guilty and accept the sentence that may vary in their case, erroneously thinking that hiring an attorney won’t have an impact on the outcome of their case. Moreover, defendants who choose to represent themselves in court do not have to comply with the rules and regulations of an ethical code respected by all lawyers. As a result, they can cause chaos and put more pressure on a system that is already overloaded by delaying proceedings and filing motion after motion. Nonetheless, this approach is usually counterproductive and can easily backfire. Last but not least, certain defendants agree to take changes and expose themselves to the inherent risks of self-representation to gain access to certain small privileges, such as access to the jail’s library.

Reasons Why Hiring a Seasoned Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney Is the Best Option for Any Defendant
oakland county criminal defense attorney While self-representation may be a feasible option for defendants facing trial for minor crimes, such as shoplifting, those who are charged with felonies and face serious consequences shouldn’t neglect the benefits of hiring a seasoned Oakland county criminal defense attorney. A good lawyer with extensive courtroom experience, specialized in cases similar to the ones that the defendant is involved in could handle all the proceedings in an ideal manner, prevent delays and errors, and bring his or her client a few steps closer to a favorable outcome (a lesser sentence or a not guilty verdict).

As points out, defendants who choose to represent themselves in court usually lower their odds of success simply because they are not properly trained to defend their best interests in court. They are unfamiliar with the legal framework that a lawyer would rely on to prove their innocence; not to mention that they don’t know the protocol that they must follow to support their cause, like entering evidence or making objections.

oakland county criminal defense attorney

Lack of knowledge on these matters can stop them from winning a case. Moreover, poor communication and persuasion, influencing and negotiating skills are other important limitations that could make it difficult for any defendant to win his or her own battle in court. Last but not least, the problem of bias is one other drawback of self-representation. Defendants may have a hard time building a compelling case as long as they cannot present facts in an objective manner and support fair arguments in front of the jury. All these reasons underline the importance of quality legal representation and give defendants a few more reasons to hire the best Oakland County lawyers that they can afford.

Finding the Most Competent Oakland County Lawyers

oakland county lawyers People who get involved in court actions that go well beyond small claims may require the best legal representation to protect their best interests. When managing their case on their own is not an option for one or more reasons, including the fact that they don’t know the laws that build the foundation of their case, individuals with no or insufficient legal training will inevitably need to rely on the expert guidance of competent Oakland county lawyers. Here are a few steps that a person should follow to find and benefit from the very best legal assistance in Michigan.

Asking for Referrals. To begin with, an individual seeking quality legal representation should ask for referrals within his or her circle of friends, relatives and coworkers. Chances are that one of his closest ones has already dealt with a similar issue requiring professional legal services. In this case, a friend or a family member could offer valuable information on a lawyer’s background, skills, personal approach to handling a case, expertise and fees.

oakland county lawyers

Exploring One’s Options with Help from an Employer. Certain individuals may be surprised to find out that their employers offer a legal plan that is a part of the employee benefits. In this context, a person in need of quality, affordable legal assistance should start by checking with their employers to find out whether or not this important advantage is available.

oakland county lawyers Relying on Various Online and Offline Resources. If access to legal representation is not a part of their employee benefits, people facing trial should continue their search and analyze the data provided by multiple online and offline resources to make the best decision when it comes to hiring reliable Oakland County Lawyers.

For starters, a person can obtain a list of local lawyers from the bar association. At the same time, they can use a local telephone book to identify and use the Lawyer Referral Number. By doing so, they could get accurate information on some of the most respectable professionals who could protect their best interest in court.

oakland county lawyers Moreover, a person should also consider browsing through the yellow pages (under the Attorneys section) to check out a full list of local attorneys specialized in cases like the ones that he or she may be involved in. Additionally, those looking for qualified, fully trained professionals who practice law in their area should count on the guidance provided by experts from legal assistance and resource centers within their communities. For example, the Legal Assistance Center based in Grand Rapids and Eastern Michigan University Legal Resource Center are only two options that could guide potential clients in the right direction, towards affordable and effective legal representation that could help them build a strong, consistent and compelling case in court.

Instead of just consulting one resource, individuals seeking legal services should rely on the information provided by a number of outlets to gather all the details related to a lawyer’s practice, including success rate, client reviews and potential claims, and get the bigger picture before choosing to collaborate with a certain law firm.

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Getting a Qualified Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

oakland county criminal defense attorney
Being accused of criminal activity can be a very traumatizing event. After being charged with a crime, a person may be left in a very incoherent state and have uncertainties about what action to take next. Everyone wants to receive justice, but no one wants to deal with the expenses and lengthy time frame traditionally associated with court proceedings. An Oakland County criminal defense attorney is a valuable asset that a person can use to clear their reputation and make sure their rights are protected in a speedy and affordable manner. Though the legal system may be a bit complicated to those without experience in it, a qualified professional can help anyone get through a court case easier.

Ensuring that Rights Are Protected

oakland county criminal defense attorney
It can be very tense to wind up charged with criminal activity. The thought of appearing in court and having to defend oneself can be very stressful. Everyone wants to ensure that their rights are protected, and an oakland county criminal defense attorney knows exactly how to make sure due process is delivered. From beginning to end, anyone can fare better in a legal case with a qualified legal professional to defend them. Though some may be skeptical about the legal system that is in place, quality attorneys know how to function within the parameters of law and deliver optimal results.

Compliance with All Laws – New or Old

oakland county criminal defense attorney
Law is constantly evolving in order to keep up with newly developing issues in society. Sometimes a person can commit an offense without knowing it, resulting in a surprising charge and a stressful situation to deal with. A quality agency not only has experienced professionals, but they are constantly researching new laws and discovering the best course of action to take in any given situation. Whether it’s a longstanding law that people are commonly charged with violating or a new law that people are unaware of, a versatile organization can provide clients with the protection they need.

Handling a Variety of Issues with Care

oakland county criminal defense attorney
Even if a person is charged with a serious crime, the qualified attorneys in the area know the best course of action to take to get the best result. If it’s a serious issue like violence or robbery, these professionals will still stick by their client and help them get the most lenient verdict possible. Smaller charges like traffic misdemeanors and drug-related offenses will be treated with the same amount of seriousness, as a professional agency is willing to handle any issue no matter how big or small.

Reasonable Fees and Flexible Payment Plans

Being charged with a crime can be a very difficult endeavor, and most professionals recommend contacting a lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the chance of serious consequences with the authorities. By offering reasonable fees and a variety of flexible payment options, most legal offices make it easy for anyone to contact them for help regardless of their financial status. Getting quality criminal defense is a right everyone has and that no one should pass up on.

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Oakland County Lawyers Offer Quality and Versatile Services

oakland county lawyers
The legal field is a unique one; laws vary depending on the location and the type of situation. Because legal matters can be difficult to go through, everyone wants to find the best legal representation possible. Oakland county lawyers have become well-known for providing a number of different legal services and adhering to many industry standard practices and codes of conduct. From legal counsel to case preparation and everything in between, a quality lawyer in the area can provide all the insight and resources necessary to make any legal issue more tolerable.

A Variety of Specializations Are Available

oakland county lawyers
The practice of law has many different subcategories. Each area of law is distinct from others, and quality law firms have a diverse array of experience that many people have found valuable. Professional firms can provide assistance in the areas of divorce law, criminal defense, elder law, estate planning, real estate matters, and numerous other areas. Any need a person may have can be addressed by many quality firms. This allows a wide variety of people to get the right type of help they need in a number of different situations. However, while everyone wants quality, a number of other factors are also held in high regard by those looking for legal services.

Oakland County Lawyers Offer Competitive Rates

oakland county lawyers
While legal battles can be stressful for a number of reasons, the financial aspect is one that is highly dreaded by most people. Some law firms are known for charging high rates and tacking on extra fees throughout the duration of the case. Quality legal firms in the area have the expertise needed to get through cases quickly and efficiently, meaning they can charge lower rates than competitors. In addition, additional charges can often be avoided since most professionals can stop legal proceedings from dragging on for too long. Though cost is important, legal cases give rise to a number of other concerns that popular firms must be considerate of.

Privacy Policies to Help Protect Clients

oakland county lawyers
Going through a legal case can be a very difficult and emotional time. No one wants to have their personal details publicized as a case goes on, and firms in the area utilize privacy policies to help clients feel more secure. Agreements can be signed to help clients understand exactly how their information will be used and how their data will be secured. Quality firms know that working with clients involves more than winning a case – it involves making sure that each client’s situation is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

A Friendly and Holistic Legal Solution

The most successful law firms in the industry gain their status by being easy to approach and communicate with. Reaching out to lawyers in the area is easy, and these professionals can provide guidance in every aspect of the legal process. From beginning to end, a legal case is much easier to handle when working with a knowledgeable professional. A highly-skilled and versatile law agency can prove to be a great asset.

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7 Key Attributes of a Successful Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

oakland county criminal defense attorney Attorneys defend individuals facing a wide range of criminal charges including assault, drug possession, burglary and theft. Although the public may see defendants with great disdain, defense attorneys embrace a proactive attitude to protect their clients’ image and best interest, and reinforce their right to a fair trial.

What Should One Expect from a Good Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney?
A good criminal defense attorney will always count on a broad set of skills and attributes allowing him or her to meet the legal needs of their clients in a prompt, professional manner. Here are seven of the most important attributes of an attorney specialized in criminal law.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 1. Excellent Research Capabilities. First and foremost, a great attorney has the time, energy, experience and motivation required to conduct in-depth research. These professionals think outside of the box, and spare no efforts when it comes to going through police reports, highlighting essentials facts and finding and interviewing new witnesses and experts who could help them build a more compelling case and reach a favorable outcome.

2. Above Average Negotiation Skills. As one may imagine, defense attorneys are excellent negotiators who are constantly exploring new avenues and implementing strategies to get the best deal for their clients. Prosecutors and the defense can negotiate agreements and present them in front of the judge for approval.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 3. Great Analytical Skills. Defense attorneys are active thinkers by nature. They love challenges, and can make smart decisions over a short period of time after compiling impressive amounts of data and assessing different potential outcomes. Defense lawyers have sharp minds and can make rapid judgments in some of the most important moments of a trial, like when challenging a prosecutor, interviewing a witness, supporting his or her arguments in front of the jury, or negotiating settlements.

4. Exceptional Communication Skills. Aside from being rational, objective, analytical and empathetic by definition, defense attorneys are also very effective communicators. They communicate their ideas with ease, and do a great job at supporting their points of view in front of large audiences. As excellent speakers, they use their communication skills inside and outside the courtroom to perfect relationships with different categories of people, including fellow attorneys, clients, members of the jury and industry experts called to testify in favor of their clients.

5. A Caring, Supportive Attitude towards the Client. Most importantly, in spite of the fact that they always manage to stay objective and prevent complications associated with emotional involvement in the cases that they are handling, defense lawyers are compassionate and caring. They care about the clients that they represent, their families and their future. They are fully aware that a guilty verdict, even one that does not involve any jail time, can pose a series of negative consequences affecting their clients’ general wellbeing, image, employment opportunities and overall financial balance.

oakland county criminal defense attorney 6. Knowledge. Also, defense attorneys are knowledgeable and use all their resources to help their clients understand the sentencing procedure and the court system. Experienced lawyers rely on their ample knowledge database to establish more fruitful relationships with prosecutors, judges presiding over their criminal cases, and prominent industry experts who could become key witnesses in a case.

7. Perseverance. Last but not least, perseverance is another crucial attribute of a successful Oakland County criminal defense attorney. Perseverant lawyers do everything in their power to sway the jury and the judge, and explore any legal option to defend their clients. After being confronted with a guilty verdict, a determined lawyer will exhaust all appeals and make certain that his or her client benefits from a fair trial and quality legal representation.

Finding the Best Oakland County Lawyers Tailored to One’s Personal Legal Needs

People who are dealing with legal problems often think about ways in which they could contact and hire the best lawyers. While there are always more than a few good options within reach, one can facilitate the selection process by simply evaluating all candidates based on several criteria including expertise, rates, areas of practice, success rate and attitude towards their case.

oakland county lawyers

Aspects That Clients Should Consider When Looking for Oakland County Lawyers
oakland county lawyers Many attorneys offer clients the chance to profit from a free initial consultation. This is a great opportunity to determine whether or not a lawyer is honest, dependable and forthcoming. Instinctively, certain people have the ability to analyze a person’s character by simply interacting with that individual for a few minutes.

Moreover, during this phase, clients present the details of their legal problems, ask questions related to the odds of success of their case and discuss any potential concerns. A lawyer’s attitude towards a particular case is another important aspect that is usually factored in by all clients seeking quality legal representation. A flawless communication between attorneys and clients is essential and creates a solid foundation for a better representation. This is precisely why attorneys who achieve the best results are responsive to their clients’ needs. They are detail-oriented, communicative and always ready and willing to address any demands and concerns and provide periodic updates on the case status by phone or in writing.

Practical Considerations: Finding a Lawyer in One’s Price Range
oakland county lawyers When looking for Oakland county lawyers, most people do a lot of research to find quality services that are in their price range. The ones who wish to prevent unpleasant surprises associated with unpredicted expenses try to get an estimate of the costs implied by litigation in writing. Individuals interested in finding affordable legal representation usually turn to local referral services that point them towards lawyers in the area who could evaluate a particular situation. Several services lend a helping hand to larger groups sharing unique characteristics, like disabled people, immigrants, or the elderly. Bar associations usually make referrals based on specific areas of interest, enabling prospects to identify and contact a lawyer who has the ideal practice concentration and level of experience in handling certain types of cases. Price range is one of the most common practical considerations that clients focus on when choosing a lawyer.

oakland county lawyers The ones who cannot afford pricy legal representation usually start looking for legal assistance programs that offer free or inexpensive legal services to those with modest financial possibilities. They normally start looking online and offline (yellow pages) under several topics, including “legal advice” or “legal aid.” Generally speaking, these legal aid programs are based on special eligibility guidelines, which involve several key aspects including the income, location and the number of family members of the potential client. Some of these legal aid offices count on volunteer lawyers, while others employ their own staff. Nonetheless, people involved in civil legal cases don’t have the right to free legal representation. Regardless of the nature and gravity of their legal problems, clients who are determined to win a court battle go beyond costs and choose to collaborate with reliable, acclaimed lawyers who provide professional and proficient legal services, have an extensive experience in all areas of law, and ensure a successful representation revolving around the client’s unique legal needs.

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What Does an Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

oakland county criminal defense attorney An Oakland County criminal defense attorney represents people who have been charged with crimes in court. The crimes can range in severity from a minor misdemeanor to a felony. The punishment also ranges from a meager fine or community service to years in prison and even the death sentence.
If someone is charged with committing a crime, it is imperative that he or she have representation during criminal proceedings. The U.S Constitution actually entitles all citizens charged with a crime to the right of access to qualified legal representation.

Why Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Necessary?
Criminal law is typically a complicated body of federal and state legislation. Characteristically, the majority of crimes committed are state crimes, with exceptions including inflicting injury on a federal employee or causing damage to federal property.

oakland county criminal defense attorney

Individuals can represent themselves during a criminal trial, but the consequences of having poor legal representation may be severe. Felonies can lead to prison terms, and this is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional represent someone.

Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney Services Pre-Trial
Criminal defense attorneys will assist clients throughout the process and that includes pre-trial. Some people only retain the services of a lawyer during the investigation stage of the crime, before being charged. This tends to happen if the person is a suspect and believes he or she will be charged. In such instances, the criminal defense lawyer will help instruct the person being questioned to make sure incriminating information is not divulged and no rights are infringed upon.

oakland county criminal defense attorney These attorneys can also help to convince a court to drop the charges against a person based on improper procedure or insufficient evidence.

Furthermore, a person arrested for a crime could be detained indefinitely, pending trial. However, under normal circumstances, a bail amount is set, and once the person pays it, he or she is free to leave, as long as they respect certain geographical limitations to movement. Bail is set to ensure the person arrives for their trial. An Oakland County criminal defense attorney will try to persuade the court to reduce the bail or even waive it. However, if a person is deemed to be a flight risk, that is, if he or she has a high likelihood of fleeing to avoid going to trial, a judge will deny bail to ensure the defendant is present at court when needed.

If a guilty verdict is highly probably due to overwhelming evidence or an admission, the defendant may wish to enter into a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney. The plea bargain is a negotiated agreement that aims to reduce charges to a lesser crime or even reduce sentencing. The criminal defense lawyer can represent the person during plea negotiations to assist with increasing his or her chances of getting a reduced punishment.

oakland county criminal defense attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys at Trial
Criminal defense attorneys can also assist during the trial. They will analyze a person’s case and identify the strengths and weaknesses therein. From there, the lawyer and person being charged will collaborate to determine a defense strategy.

The attorney will discuss the pros and cons of pleading guilty, particularly when a plea bargain is put on the table.

The attorney will also be able to assist with the standard steps involved in a criminal trial, from selecting the jury to questioning witnesses and providing opening statements. If the trial doesn’t go in favor of the attorney’s client, he or she can also assist with the appeals process.

Conservatorship – When to Call Oakland County Lawyers

oakland county lawyers When an elderly relative, or dependent adult, becomes physically or mentally unable to take care of his or her own needs, it may be an appropriate time for a family member or guardian to establish conservatorship. Oakland County lawyers who deal with elder law can establish conservatorship by preparing the petition and then filing it with the court, along with any other necessary documentation. The dependent person becomes known as the “conservatee” and the person seeking the court’s authority is the “conservator.”

Different Types of Conservatorship
oakland county lawyers According to Oakland County lawyers, there are two types of conservatorship: 

1. Over the person – when the elder can no longer take care of his or her personal needs, including shelter, clothing and food. 

2. Over the “estate” – this is when the elder can no longer make financial decisions, or resist undue influence or fraud. 

The client and lawyer will start by determining whether there are any alternatives so the same goals can be achieved, but without needing formal conservatorship. Two such options include powers of attorney and trusts.

Trusts and Power of Attorney
If the elder has previously established a revocable trust, that trust will name a “successor trustee,” a person who has the authority to manage the elder’s assets when he or she is no longer able to do so. In a similar sense, if the powers of attorney for healthcare and finance decision making are in place, then the elder’s “agent” has the authority to handle those responsibilities. In these instances, there is no need to seek conservatorship since the authority is already in place.

oakland county lawyers There are times, though, when both powers of attorney and trusts are in place, but it’s still necessary to establish a conservatorship. The appointed “agent” under the power of attorney for finances, or the “successor trustee” of the trust could well be stealing money from the elder. This has to be ceased, and Oakland County lawyers can help establish a conservatorship and even an “elder abuse civil litigation” case if one is warranted to recover money or properties that have been wrongfully taken.

Once the conservatorship has been established, the court will monitor the appointed person’s actions. The conservator has to file periodic accountings with the court and inform the judge of everything received and spent. A conservator can petition the court to be reimbursed reasonable fees for his or her work. Fees often include out-of-pocket costs and attorney fees.

Most of the work to seek conservatorship occurs at the beginning of a case and then starts to simmer down once the mechanics are set in place, such as the conservatee’s bills being paid, their medical care sorted out, and any residency issues dealt with.

Once again, alternatives to a conservator should be considered first, but when necessary, it can provide senior citizens with much needed assistance to ensure they maintain as much independence and dignity as is possible.

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Talking to Oakland County Lawyers
Making the decision to file for a conservatorship is not an easy one, but anyone considering it as a viable options has a wealth of resources at his or her disposal. Speaking to Oakland County Lawyers before proceeding can provide peace of mind and direction as to the next steps that should be taken for a successful ruling.

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Oakland County Lawyers

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