Saturday, February 14, 2015

5 Denver Events No One Should Miss

things to do in Denver
Colorado is a fun and fascinating state where visitors and residents can enjoy a huge variety of activities and events. It's possible to spend the day simply enjoying life in a wildflower strewn mountain meadow and spend the evening under a sky strewn with bright stars while listening to an outdoor concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater. Following are five more things to do in Denver that offer fabulous experiences. 

A Taste of Colorado A 

Taste of Colorado offers residents and visitors alike an opportunity to experience the best of Colorado fine cuisine and beverages while enjoying quality musical performances by talented local artists as well as national and international acts. Held annually on Labor Day weekend, many people consider this to be the city's way of saying farewell to summer. It attracts over a half-million people and features over 250 artisans.
Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 

Held every year during the middle of the month of July, the dragon boat races provide a vibrant, colorful look at the rich cultural influence of Denver's Pacific Rim heritage.
things to do in Denver
This festival lasts for two days and features the fascinating dragon boat races along with a eclectic mixture of food, beverages, performance art, and arts-and-crafts.
things to do in Denver
Colorado Cowboy Gathering Held each winter at the end of January, the Colorado Cowboy Gathering celebrates cowboy culture with award-winning cowboy poetry, music, food, art, and storytelling. Even those who don't share a heritage of riding the range will find fun and magic here. Cowboys and cowgirls come from as far away as Australia and Argentina to enjoy this traditional gathering. 

The Higher Ground Music Festival 

The Higher Ground music Festival specializes in showcasing emerging artists as well as brining internationally renowned acts to Denver. Held annually on the third weekend in August, the festival appeals to a wide variety of music lovers.

16th Street Fair 

Lasting from the last week in June until the middle of August, Denver's 16th Street Fair is a Colorado classic that combines fine art, fun, music, good food, and a variety of other offerings to create the ultimate street festival.
things to do in Denver
Admission is always free, and the wide variety of vendors ensures that there will be something to suit all tastes, budgets, and preferences.

A Good Lawyer Helps Prevent Trouble

oakland county lawyers
Many people who have never experienced working with a lawyer often think that Oakland County lawyers are people to call when they are in trouble or when something has gone wrong. In many ways, this assumption is correct. Depending on their area of expertise, lawyers might help someone accused of a crime, or someone who is being sued for one reason or another, or someone involved in a messy divorce or custody battle. But these are just a few situations where hiring an attorney is recommended. A good lawyer can often work with clients to anticipate possible bumps in their path and help them make provisions to protect themselves before anything bad can happen. Here's a few examples.

oakland county lawyers
Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements 

When a couple get's married it's nice to think that they are going to live happily ever after, but life isn't a fairytale, and couples only need to look at divorce statistics to realize this. For many "till death do us part" has become a strong hope rather than an expectation. These people will often work with Oakland County lawyers to set up a prenuptial agreement before they say their vows or early in their marriage when conflict is limited. These agreements not only provide financial reassurance to both parties, but it can also shed light on what each person expects from the marriage. In some cases issues are presented that may not have come to light if the couple had not sought out that arrangement, and they are able to be addressed and resolved in the protected environment of their lawyer's office.
oakland county lawyers
Business Contracts 

Just like a marriage, people who are in business with one another need to know what to expect. This applies whether there are partners who are starting a new business, or if a business hires a new employee, or if two businesses are about to begin or change their working relationship. Having written contracts drawn up by Oakland County lawyers prevents many "he-said, she said" situations from occurring, and if problems still happen those contracts provide a clear look at what the participants agreed to in the first place.

oakland county lawyers
Estate Planning and Probate 

Many people don't like to think about what will happen to their assets when they die, or what might happen if they find themselves in very sick and living with tremendous pain or if their life becomes severely limited and dependent on machines. Oakland County lawyers can help people address these potential, and sometimes inevitable situations by drawing up wills, living wills, trusts, or agreements over who would take over medical or financial power of attorney if they were to one day become incapable of making these decisions on their own. By making these decisions while of "sound mind" it prevents the wrong people from trying to step into these roles and possibly abusing them.