Thursday, September 24, 2015

Navigating a Divorce

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Many people go through a divorce alone. They feel the need to keep the details from their close friends and family members because they think it’s personal. Divorce is personal, but navigating the process alone can become overwhelming. Fortunately, Oakland County lawyers can easily help divorcees determine their next steps, which makes coping with a divorce much easier.

Getting Through Legal Separation
After spending what seems like a lifetime with a spouse, getting through the requirement for legal separation can be challenging. Many people find it hard to do things that they used to do with their spouse, so they avoid common friends.
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Unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to wait for time to elapse. Since legal separation can take a year or longer, it’s important to begin preparing for the next steps. The next step will be petitioning the courts for a divorce.

Understanding the Original Petition for Divorce
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Once the timeframe for legal separation has elapsed, many lawyers file a document called the Original Petition. The petition is submitted by lawyers to the local clerk of courts to start the divorce process on behalf of their clients. This document contains the names of both parties involved, along with the names of their children. Included in the document are the reasons why the document was filed as well as remedies sought in the case. People can prepare for this part of the case by consulting with their attorney to ensure the paperwork is done properly so that they can move to the next stage.

Dealing with a Temporary Divorce Order
The next step in the process is dealing with temporary divorce orders. This step can easily become complex, depending on the details of the case. For instance, child custody and support and spousal support can make this step seem daunting for many people.  oakland county lawyers
Additionally, this is the step in the process when the discovery process begins. The courts are looking for information to validate many of the documents already submitted. Most lawyers work with their clients to ensure that they are able to retain the assets they want by submitting proof that their clients rely on these assets.
The process of getting divorce is quite daunting for many people. With the help of a professional divorce lawyer, many people can get through the process. Although lawyers can help their clients deal with the legal issues, the parties involved in a divorce must rely on close friends and family members to help them get through the process.

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