Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clients Can Learn Their Rights with Oakland County Lawyers

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It's bad enough having to deal with a divorce, custody battle, personal injury, or even the death of a loved one. Soon enough, it will be time to seek out a lawyer, which can make these already pricy situations even more expensive. It can easily make anyone feel helpless. In times like these, seek out Oakland County lawyers that focus on a variety of practice areas. More affordable than other choices in California, a client can receive help when going through bankruptcy, a criminal defense matter, a divorce, a custody battle, a municipal issue, real estate troubles, and personal injury.

Bankruptcy can be distressing, as it almost feels like giving up. However, those in the Oakland County and Royal Oak, Clarkston, White Lake, Bloomfield Hills, Davisburg, Milford, Waterford, Highland, Holly, and Commerce Townships areas need not fret.
 oakland county lawyers
A good lawyer can explain Chapters 7, 11, and 13 so that a client knows their rights and can figure out a way to get their finances in order.
   oakland county lawyers
Criminal defense cases are common, but for a client experiencing one for the first time, it can be terrifying. Whether the client is guilty or the crime or being wrongfully accused, a lawyer can go to bat for the client in matters of stalking, white collar crimes, larceny, domestic violence, drunk driving, bond violations, home invasions, municipal ordinance violations, homicide, assault, sex crimes, felonies, criminal appeals, general misdemeanors, shoplifting, child abuse, traffic misdemeanors, drug possession, and violation of probation.

A lawyer that specializes in family law is necessary when a client is going through a divorce or fighting for child custody. A client can receive representation in areas like guardianships, annulments, divorce, real estate foreclosure, custody, prenuptials, postnuptials, child support, separations, cohabitation agreements, and paternity tests.

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Clients that do construction or commercial work on property around California should be aware of municipal law. Before any building begins, contact a lawyer in Oakland County to make sure that all zoning permits are approved, that all general ordinances are okayed, and that any assessments are green-lighted. These lawyers may also focus on real estate matters for clients that are going through a foreclosure or opening or closing a residential or commercial building.

Personal injuries can be terrifying and infuriating when the other party was responsible. Not only does a client have to pay for sudden medical bills and deal with the shock of what transpired, but they will want justice. Lawyers like these can possibly fight for the client to receive compensation.

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