Friday, April 24, 2015

Unique Factors Addressed by Law Firms in Oakland County, MI

oakland county lawyers
Oakland County, Michigan is a very unique area thanks to its massive economic and social diversity. This makes it so that Oakland County lawyers have to be able to handle a wider array of legal needs than those just one county over.
In some areas of the county, there is a high concentration of wealth that leads to a need for advanced estate planning, will development, high-asset divorce lawyers, and experts in commercial law. 

Going up the road apiece will take a person into areas more likely to have need for criminal defense attorneys, bankruptcies, and municipal law. In the middle, all of these legal needs will be found at once. Of course, each part of Oakland County will also have some exceptions to the rule, and they won't want to have to travel 50 miles to find the appropriate lawyer.

  oakland county lawyers
Because of these things, it's a good idea for a multi-focus law firm to have enough attorneys to adequately cover all of these diverse needs. Surprisingly, it is possible for one firm to do it. Such firms typically have many lawyers on staff so that each one can focus on one type of cases or a cluster of related types. 

They also have large paralegal staffs in order to take care of all of the basic paperwork, trips to the courts to record updates, and other such aspects of keeping everything rolling on time.

  oakland county lawyers
One important thing to pay attention to, especially in Oakland County, is the fee schedule of a law firm. Because of the presence of wealthy areas like West Bloomfield and Commerce Township, some firms have the idea that they can charge thousands of dollars for every kind of case and still get customers. 

While they may well get customers from those places, they will price themselves out of the market for people from the more modest areas of the county. Not only that, even wealthy people don't like paying extra just for the sake of it! Therefore, a good law firm in the area will have reasonable rates that are attainable by people who either aren't moguls or don't want to spend money as if they are.

oakland county lawyers

Finally, it's important to find out whether the firm is an aggressive one that will focus on litigation or if it is more interested in negotiations. If negotiations have already been tried without success, a litigation-oriented firm is the way to go.

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