Friday, October 17, 2014

Child Custody: Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

Even though about half of today's marriages in the United States end in divorce, this doesn't make the process of oakland county lawyers going through a divorce any easier. In situations where children are involved, things can become even more complicated when the divorcing parties cannot agree on a custody schedule or child support. Fortunately, there are a few mistakes that people parents going through a divorce can avoid making to make their lives easier down the road. 

Not Keeping Records 

Any time there's court-ordered child support being paid from one party to the other, it's vital that the person making the payment keep detailed records of each payment submitted. Without any proof of child support payments, the recipient of the payment can deny having received it and may even bring the matter to court with an Oakland County divorce attorney at his or her hide.

Whether it be a written receipt, a copy of a signed check, or any other proof of payment, it's important to hold onto it and keep it in a safe place. 

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Being Vague with Visitation Schedules 

More than likely, when a custody agreement is reached (whether it be in or out of court), one parent will have the child for certain days of the week, while the other parent will have the child on oakland county divorce attorney the remaining days. However, most legal paperwork regarding this will not be specific in terms of time. For instance, while one partner may have the children from Friday through Sunday, there will be no indication as to what time on Friday the child should be dropped off. 

This is where it's up to the parents to ensure that specific time schedules are written into the agreement. By doing so, a lot of arguments and hassle can be avoided down the road. Furthermore, a specific schedule will help children maintain the structure that they need to live a normal life following their parents' divorce. 


Not Having an Experienced Lawyer 

Throughout the divorce process and throughout any custody proceedings, having a divorce lawyer that can be trusted is vital. If one doesn't feel comfortable speaking with his or her lawyer or if it seems like the lawyer just wants to "get it over with," it may be time to seek assistance from a new lawyer who will take the person's rights and interests more seriously throughout the process.

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