Saturday, March 1, 2014

Protecting Yourself Against Incrimination

Many Americans aren't aware of the steps that they can take to protect themselves against discrimination. Without a warrant or probable cause, personal property is protected against search and seizure. However, many Americans lawyer oakland county aren't aware of this and will thus consent to a search when they do not need to.

Americans that are concerned about the possibility of a search should always practice saying "Officer, I do not consent to this search." Even if you are completely innocent, there is never a reason to allow an officer into your car, home or business if they do not have a warrant. You simply never know what could occur.

In recent news, there was a case in which an officer -- without warrant or cause -- was allowed into a home and took the family pet, a domesticated fox. The domesticated fox was killed later that night by the police due to an anonymous report. Had the owner not allowed the officer in -- which they were not legally obligated to do -- the owner would have had enough time to prove that the anonymous report had been false.

Likewise, there are many other scenarios that could take place if you consent for your home or car to be inspected. The situation can escalate from there, when instead you could simply exercise your right to turn them away.

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There are other things that you can do to protect your rights. If you believe that your rights are about to be violated, you are fully within your rights to ask another person around to begin filming the process. By far, the best way to oakland county criminal defense attorney ensure that your rights are protected is to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately upon suspecting that you have garnered the interest of the police.

If you are taken into custody, you should remember that you are under no obligation to speak with them. Anything you say can be misconstrued, even if you believe that it is harmful. You should say absolutely nothing to the police except that you want a lawyer, and you should wait quietly until you receive a lawyer. Your lawyer will come as quickly as possible and will advise you on your next course of action.

People have a natural tendency to obey the police and try to help the police. While the police officers are there to protect and serve, they are also looking for a crime. Anything that you do, say or give them access to could easily lead them to believing that you are responsible for breaking the law; once the police have achieved reasonable suspicion, the situation becomes even more complex.

Police that have reasonable suspicion may be able to acquire a warrant to search your home, or even a warrant to tap your phones depending on your location. Thus, it's important not to implicate yourself in front of the police in any way.

If you have been charged with a crime, it's time to contact an Oakland County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your criminal defense attorney will work with you throughout the process of your trial to ensure that your rights are protected and that everything possible is done to minimize your charges.

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